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Nov 17, 2009 6:30am EST
about the life on the campaign trail and her interview with katie couric and her daughter's unexpected pregnancy. >>> and a deer was a big problem for police officers in arkansas. it is caught on tape. this is dash cam video and it shows a good sized buck trying to class the upbter state and tries to get the animalle into the woodss. he is coming back. they kicked another officer. and and he was stuck after apatiently getting lost hiking. and they thought it was and it it helped overnight and they were pulled to safety. >> and well they won the games but was not pretty. we're talking about last night the ravens game. and the safety and a field goal attempt. and in 17 seconds, though the game turned around for baltimore who scored on the run. and 48-yards the next play with the havens overcame a horrendous start. and then a victory with issues that turned to the quicker safety. >> we have within been having a wout talk. he be the first to say he kicks better than practice and games up to this point. and you know he didn't do a very good job. thinking that was. >>> and we hope step up th
Nov 16, 2009 5:30am EST
is coming out. there's one chapter where she plays out the katie couric interview. >> crossed paths with chris. he was a true baltimore r resident, that's why this passing is so tough. >>> week two in the mayor's criminal trial, who is the first one called to take the stand as we begin week number two. those storys and more copping up. >>> i hope you had a wonderful weekend, the weather was gorgeous on sunday. let's see if we can get a repeat. >>> thanks a lot. good morning. we will a repeat for today and probably the next couple of days as well. you can see on the satellite radar, mainly cl
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2